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Pepsi Max Bowl

Take FUN to the MAX!

Pepsi Max Bowl, Queens Promenade, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1ET

Email pepsimaxbowl@manx.net

Thank Friday its Pie-Day!!

Join us on Fridays for a tasty deal - 2 delicious home made pie meals - with tea or coffee for just £15!

Every week there's a different selection on offer and you can choose between our pies or the tasty empanadas - Mexican pasty - they are delicious too!!

The deal is available all day Friday - 11am to 7:30pm

Mondays just got even better!

Alongside bowling & the Funzone opening from 11am, we're now opening our Sombreros Diner too!    Food will be available from 11am to 2pm - Basket meals, kids meals plus a range of tasty specials which our cooks will be putting on every Monday.

Come and enjoy a game or two and then have lunch in our great sea-front diner.  Last admission to bowling is 2pm.

Fun Zone open till 3pm.

Be sure to get this event in your diary ... Sunday 19th December from 10am to 1pm ... listen to Energy FM Isle of Man to find out more - loads and loads of prizes to be won, all you have to do is get a STRIKE - super easy & FREEEEEEEEEEEEE to enter ...

STRIKE It Santa Fun Day at Pepsi Max Bowl Ramsey!  Entry is free, and you’ll have fun with the chance to win!  You’ll be given six chances to bowl and if you get a strike, you’ll win a prize!

Everyone is welcome, no matter what age or ability. There are lots of prizes, and don’t forget our scrummy food. Call in between 10am and 1pm on Sunday 19th December.

Our online booking system is ready ... so if you want to make a booking whilst we are closed simply head over to our system and you can book standard bowling & deals or bowling brunch - parties and more will follow soon!  BOOK NOW!
You'll only have to put your customer details in once - after that it will remember you ... plus all your "spend" will be counted when we launch our new APP thats in development too - we're hoping for a March launch on that one.

February 2021 - Pledge to Support the Reduction of Plastic Pollution.  We have already stopped using single use plastics in the diner for kids meals, replacing them with beakers. Straws have gone to either paper or fully compostable, plastic drinks bottles have been replaced by cans and now balloons have been discontinued too.  We have several recycle collection points for plastic and cans throughout our facility.

August 2020 - Another partnership emerges - this time we've teamed up with Steve over at Ballamoar Campsite in Ballaugh to bring his guests an exclusive discount for bowling!  All you need to do is get yourself camping at this wonderful facility and then Steve will give you discount vouchers to use in our Bowling Alley - its super simple ... another way of supporting each other in these unprecedented times.

Find Ballamoar on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ballamoarcampsite/

July 2020 - We're proud to annouce another discount - this time to holders of both the Blue Light Card and the Defence Privilege Card - show either of these cards at bowl reception to save £1 off any bowling deal - be it a single game or a double game - or even a family mega deal!  Supporting all members of the Islands' & UK's Emergency Services, NHS & Armed Forces Communities *SAVINGS FOR LIFE SAVERS*

Find out more about the Blue Light Card here : https://www.bluelightcard.co.uk/

June 2020 - Adult Student discount now available 😍🎳  We've been working with the Manx Students' Union and whether you are home from a UK college or university or a Manx one, we'll give any full time student a discount to our "teen" rate - this saves you
£1 off a single game or £2 off a double game 🎳🤩 To get the discount all you need to do is show us a valid Student Photo ID ... see you soon 👍😎

Gift vouchers are available from us in £5's or £10's and can be used towards any bowling deals, single games, lane snacks etc.

They can also be used in our Mexican themed diner, Sombreros.  Just pop in to purchase from bowl reception or we can post them out to you if you can pay with a card over the phone.

We've joined the Isle of Man Refill scheme.
You're welcome to bring your reusable water bottles to us for a free refill with tap water anytime we are open - simply ask at Sombreros counter.  Also we have discontinued the range of drinks that come in plastic bottles and have replaced with cans as these have proved much easier to recycle. 

Ten players from Wigan challenged our Manx League bowlers to a set of matches (singles, doubles & trios) - a great bunch of people got together and some cracking scores were achieved - here are the highlights!

Singles - Scratch scores, Total pins over 3 games
1st Place : Andrew, IoM : 552.   2nd Place : Carl, Wigan : 528

Doubles - Handicap scores, Total pins over 3 games
1st Place : Dave & Adam, IoM : 1224.   2nd Place : Margaret & Kevin, IoM : 1217 

Trios - Scratch scores, Total pins over 3 games
1st Place : Bob, Leila & Carl, Wigan : 1515.  
2nd Place : Dave, Adam & Chris, IoM : 1485

Total Pin Fall for the weekend : 1st Place : Isle of Man : 22520.  
2nd Place : Wigan : 21426