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Pepsi Max Bowl

Take FUN to the MAX!

Pepsi Max Bowl, Queens Promenade, Ramsey, Isle of Man, IM8 1ET

Birthday parties - Take FUN to the MAX!
Under 13's are just £11 per child which includes a game of bowling, choice of hot meal, juice, ice lolly, balloons, sweets & party invites - extra special treats are available too like the big personalised birthday banner and a keepsake half pin. Call us today on 812444 to book!
League presentation Winter '17/'18 - final results
Scratch Game : Mens: 1st Gavin Laslett 269, 2nd Jeff Calvert 235, 3rd Steve Taylor 227
Ladies: 1st Margaret Ireton 191, 2nd Pat Burton 171, 3rd Frances Radcliffe 150
Scratch Series (3 Game Total)
Mens: 1st Gavin Laslett 647, 2nd Jeff Calvert 624, 3rd Steve Taylor 609
Ladies: 1st Margaret Ireton 513, 2nd Pat Burton 421, 3rd Frances Radcliffe 385
Handicap Game : Mens: 1st Gavin Laslett 283, 2nd Jeff Calvert 259, 3rd Chris Stevens 248
Ladies: 1st Pat Burton 236, 2nd Margaret Ireton 235, 3rd Frances Radcliffe 227
Handicap Series (3 Game total)
Mens: 1st Jeff Calvert 696, 2nd Gavin Laslett 683, 3rd Mike McGreal 658
Ladies: 1st Margaret Ireton 645, 2nd Pat Burton 616, 3rd Frances Radcliffe 613
Season Averages : Mens: 1st Gavin Laslett 186, 2nd Steve Taylor 181, 3rd Jeff Calvert 173
Ladies: 1st Margaret Ireton 146, 2nd Pat Burton 118, 3rd Janet Grange 108
Total Pins (all 22 weeks count)
Mens: 1st Mike McGreal 10174, 2nd Jeff Calvert 9875, 3rd Dave Roberts 9731
Ladies: 1st Pat Burton 7830, 2nd Margaret Ireton 7493, 3rd Frances Radcliffe 7087
Team final placings
1st The Untouchables (Steve Taylor, Paul Routledge, Steve Rundell & Peter Collister)
2nd Team 13 (Jeff Calvert, Gavin Laslett & Terry Simpson)
3rd Mean Machines (Mike McGreal, Daniel Winstanley & Kevin Ross)
4th Raptors (Rob Bernie, Tom Maxwell & Andrew Maxwell)
5th Father & Son (Dave Roberts & Adam Roberts)
6th Aches & Pains (Barrie Nelson & Knut Lassen)
7th Wobbly Pins (Margaret Ireton, Gordon Ireton & Katrina Shalcross)
8th Alley Cats (Frances Radcliffe & Robert Grange)
9th Pins & Needles (Bill Burton & Pat Burton)
10th The D.Jays (Janet Grange & Dave Lacey)
11th Princess is ALF (Chris Stephens, Rhiannon Mooney & Andy Callow)
Saturday 27 January 2018
Our Scottish Theme Night was a full house with everyone enjoying the new "night-time" bowling ... a totally different atmosphere with some great tunes playing loudly and plenty of mood lighting - feedback was tremendous!  Kev & Emily from Ramsey said "Wow, what a difference!  We've never enjoyed bowling so much - totally different and lots of fun!"
Press Release : Sat 13 January 2018
What an amazing day we had on Saturday - we saw over 1,000 visitors - one of the first to bowl was
Andy Cowie, Chairman of Ramsey Town Commissioners! A special thank you goes to Steve Smith, Director of Britvic EMEA, who paid us a visit and got stuck in too - he also met our MHK Dr Alex Allinson - plus Ayre & Michael's MHK Tim Baker. The goodie bag table was mobbed most of the day, the pop-sockets were a real hit with the youngsters and the sweets, pens and Pepsi Max went down well with all! We also rattled through 200 pairs of Pepsi Max sunglasses - a pair was won every time someone got a strike with the coloured pin in the pack. All in all a brilliant day and great support from all!
Press Release from Buffalo Bowling & Leisure Limited, Queens Promenade, Ramsey : Issued Friday 5th January 2018


Ramsey’s Bowling Alley set to re-brand.

Discussions have taken place with Britvic EMEA Limited regarding a new partnership and a five-year deal has now been secured.  The Directors are delighted to announce that the facility will be re-branding to “Pepsi Max Bowl” from the 8th January 2018.

Marketing Director, Julie Corteen, said “Our facility has grown in popularity over the last few years, this is in no small part due to the great team we have working with us.  This new branding takes us another step towards becoming a top choice family entertainment centre for the Island.  Pepsi Max is a well-known international brand and we are proud to have been chosen to work with them.  We are planning a fun day from 11am to 6pm on Saturday 13th January – with product samples from Pepsi Max, spot prizes, free prize draw, “try-it” lanes, free tapas tasters from Sombreros menu and more.”

Ian Boak, Head of Travel and Islands, Britvic International said “Britvic are delighted to be associated with the Ramsey bowling centre. This is a wonderful opportunity over the next 5 years to support the team and a great showcase for our brands, leading with Pepsi Max along with Tango, 7up, Robinsons and Fruit Shoot.

What a great venture giving us all the chance to showcase both the venue and our fantastic products.  I’m really looking forward to seeing our new branding and hope the Islands’ residents and visitors alike will be Bowled Over and make the “Pepsi Max Bowl” the No 1 goto place”.